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Foresight & Insight is a website dedicated to the fascinating world of foresight and insight into the future. Our goal is to identify and explore together the forces of change, trends, phenomena, and their impact on our society and our lives, and to influence the development of alternative futures for the benefit of our society and each of us. On this journey of change, Foresight & Insight aims to inspire and provide useful perspectives and leadership tools for you to use.

Think for a moment about the past, present, and future. We cannot change the past - we can perhaps learn something from it. The current situation and the choices in front of you right now are largely based on the past - your room for maneuver may be narrow. The only time dimension we can significantly influence is the future. It is crucial to develop our capabilities to navigate successfully in a constantly changing world. Sustainable and effective leadership, foresight, and influence on the future are the key themes that this Foresight & Insight site focuses on.

A Diverse and Valuable Collection of Content

Through the site and its supporting social media channels, you will find a growing number of content in the form of articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts. Some of the content relates to observations and research findings arising from my doctoral research. Experts and business leaders in the field will visit my studio to share their insightful views. Occasionally, you will also find fast-paced columns examining and commenting on current phenomena. Additionally, you will find tips on various sources of information related to foresight and leadership themes.

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Kai Kaasalainen
Business leader, futurist, doctoral researcher, speaker, author, and influencer

Kai Kaasalainen - Business leader, futurist, researcher, lecturer, and influencer

I am the founder of this website and the Foresight & Insight community. Currently, I work as a CEO of a large corporation and also serve on the boards of several companies and associations in addition to various business leadership roles. My career includes over 20 years in expert and management positions in the IT sector and around 17 years in the health and wellness industry.

You can find me on several social media platforms. Occasionally, you can also meet me as a speaker at various business events, coaching sessions, and universities. Alongside my work, I am pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at Aalto EE, and my research focuses on how futures foresight can be integrated tightly into organizational leadership to increase efficiency and competitiveness. I am also actively involved in various networks, such as the Bonfire influencer network, where I received the "Thought Leader of the Year" recognition award.

You can find my personal LinkedIn profile here:

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